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The hivemind NPCS is a addon which revolves around infected humans that act as a hivemind and can work together to exterminate targets, made by 590a1shooter.


While there are many npcs, I will list only a few prominent ones, they are usually red with body alterations, for easier viewing, I divided them into sub-classes.

The npcs are also quite good at surviving because if there is 1 surviving instance, it has the chance to infect a lot more.


These npcs are usually stationary and if attacked can spawn in infected

- Pustile: a egg like growth which is spawned from other infecteds after killing you, making it prone to spread through a map

- Wart: A coral like creature which acts likes the eyes of the hivemind which alert nearby infected to your position, meaning that if your on the other side of the map and you get spotted by a hive wart the infected will soon arrive to your position no matter how long your distance from it is. It can also infect you.

- Mite: Small bits of flesh that can spread and infect other uninfected npcs.

- Fountain of flesh: Provides buff to all infected nearby while damaging un-infected, basically the basis for the entire hivemind.


These npcs can be spawned by attacking certain bio-mass and usually seek the player out. Acting as the white-blood cells of the hivemind, killing anything that tries to harm it or to convert it into the creature.

- Seeker: Is a infected which can teleport and stalk its victims.

- Brute: The tanks of the hivemind army, usually pick off stronger targets

- Vampire: Works like a normal infected, however, if it is killed it can reanimate itself and become stronger then before. This makes eradicating the hivemind a lot more trickier.


These infected can fly or can go extremely high into the sky.

- Hive spore: A Miteling but it's airborne.

Combat tips[]

  • Mixing this with the backgrounds npcs mod can cause chaos and contamination really quickly and is hard to contain, beware of the lag too!
  • Use this in big maps like gm_bigcity because of the open space.
  • If you want to easily kill them either use some kind of nuke addon or a really op flamethrower, however the nuke is more effective for most Hiveminds. If you want to get rid of hive-warts use the flamethrower, firearms can be used if there are few of them.
  • Make sure to destroy hive-warts too, they can infect any unsuspecting npc.