Creator HighVoltage
Type Build
Release Date 2013
Version 13
Requirements Garry's Mod

Construct is a sandbox map that comes with Garry's Mod

It is mainly used for testing addons and is the main map for Sandbox servers. The map also has many features included within it:

The GMod tower is unique to this map and its said that G-Man lives on top of the building.

  • A bunker (In front of skyscraper on the left; Black roof)
  • A warehouse-like structure
  • Colorable room, underground room with a mirror
  • A shelter connected to an apartment building
  • A brick dock and a lake
  • A large, dark room with a poster of a hand with "BORN" written underneath it and four skyscrapers
  • A secret room with a picture of GM_CONSTRUCT (for GMod 13) and some credits, along with graffiti and posters (entrance underneath ramp near the warehouse, should see an orange Lambda logo graffiti near it)
  • Skybox with Small buildings (used for areas around the map)
  • Several stories inside the skyscraper seen in the middle of the above picture
  • A room on the top floor of the skyscraper show on the left
  • A tunnel inbetween the bottom floor of the skyscraper on the left and the bunker
  • A large space (underwater of course) underneath the dock
  • Large grassy areas in the middle and near some edges of the map
  • A courtyard (flat) at the far right end of the map (when seen in picture, Is not visible due to being viewed EXACTLY horizontally)
  • A hill near one corner of the lake
  • Pathways, ramps, etc.
  • Tire marks on some of the pathways
  • Graffiti on the Warehouse
  • The map has been around since GMod 9 back in 2006.


Trivia Edit

  • Garry contributed to this map.
  • In GMod 12's version of Construct, there was a room underneath the stairs to the roof of the bunker that had credits for the map.
  • In GMod 13, they put big skyscrapers in the map, and moved the credits/secret room to directly in front of the secret entrance instead of to the roof.
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