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This achievement involves spawning 5000 props.


This achievement is Easy and Medium at the same time, because its requirement is easy to do, and because this achievement is cumulative, so patience is required to obtain. Also Spawning 5000 props requires times, since spawining too much props causes to slow down the server or the game. Please note that in order to get the achievement, you have to spawn the exact same prop 5000 times, as each prop has its own counter.

To do it Edit

  • 1.Press and Hold the menu key (which is Q by default)
  • 2.Select any prop you want to spawn.
  • 3.Spawn any prop 5000 times
  • 4.kill yourself twice

== The spawn menu default
Spawn 5000 props and you will get the achievement. Don't forget to delete props you spawn beacuse too much props means a slow game. == IMPORTANT NOTE : SPAWNING RAGDOLLS WILL BE COUNTED IN ANOTHER ACHIEVEMENT WHICH IS Dollhouse.

Trivia Edit

  • Its icon represents a traffic cone, which is one of the most used props of the game.
  • It might also reference the cone's use, which is to block a road while constructions (or creations) are done.