Garry's Mod Wiki
Creator Alin 12jsbjwsjsnsjsnwjana
Type Map
Release Date 2005-2006
Version 05-06
Requirements Garry's Mod
Notes Credits: SharowPLX
Nostalgic place right ?

This is a default map that comes pre-installed with Garry's Mod.

Flatgrass consists of a concrete platform in the middle of the map elevated above a flat grassy surface that extends out to the horizon, partially morphing into mountains on its way. There are no artificial boundaries that separate the playable area from the skybox and the map has no distinguishing landmarks other than the aforementioned platform. It also contains The Flattywood sign and what appears to be city in the far background.

There is also a secret room located inside the center platform that players must noclip to enter. The room in question is empty and has a doll sitting under a wall with no particular messages written on the walls, unlike the secret messages found in gm_construct.

First versions of Flatgrass included the platform being adjacent to the ground and completely rectangular. The older versions also lack a skybox and the playable area appears to be quite small.

Comparably, the current map's version's diagonal size is equal to about 20 32x32 plates (put from corner to corner), which is also equal to 1 singular 640x640 plate, model of which, unfortunately, is unobtainable.



  • The skybox is stored under the main map itself. It can only be acessed via noclip.