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Eekey Origin: She is possessed by the spirit of Jack the Keyper. When she came across a gravestone as Eevee, the grave had a golden key. Then Jack's spirit came and and poked a key through her chest.

Espiti Origin: She's possessed by Robert Ti. As Espeon she went into the graveyard to find Robert's grave.

Flaricook Origin: She was originally Flareon until Warren Cook put a VHS until she got possessed and attacked Warren's father for revenge.

Glacibot Origin: She was Glaceon before, but when Death Bot and his two minions controlled her and turned her into Glacibot.

Jolticount Origin: Originally Jolteon but Evil Count shocked her and turned her into Jolticount.

Leaficave Origin: She was Leafeon but when Dark Cave stared into her eyes she turned into Leaficave.

Sylvidark Origin: Nice and cute Sylveon but Ultra Dark strangled her until she became Sylvidark.

Umbrella Origin: Was Umbreon until the Umbrella Master stabbed her with an umbrella and she became Umbrella.

Vaporigun Origin: She was originally Vaporeon until Discord gave her a gun and turned her into Vaporigun.

02:16, March 2, 2017 (UTC)AwsomeFluttershy (talk)