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Gm bigcity.jpg
Image of gm_BigCity from it's Steam Workshop page
Creator BigWig
Type Roleplay, Build, Scenic,
Release Date Pre-2010
Version Garry's Mod 12
Requirements Garry's Mod

Counter-Strike Source

Notes Current Workshop Subscriptions: 2,615,877

Current Workshop Favorites: 60,909 Fandom Page Contributors: SharowPLX

GM_BigCity is one of the most popular Build/Roleplay maps that you can find on the Garry's Mod Steam Workshop, with a steadily increasing number of approximately 2,546,446 subscriptions.

The map itself is considerably large, and it is fully noded for AI. It was created by Steam User BigWig, a Canadian map editor known for creating well-made and iconic maps such as gm_atomic and gm_bigcity but he has created some other maps like gm_buttes and gm_buttes_night. On gm_BigCity, you can find numerous large and small buildings, a notably marked building with the sign 'Café Baltic' on it, and an Easter Egg featuring a gnome. A lot of people find gm_BigCity really nostalgic and fun to play, but some players also find gm_BigCity unnerving, mostly from the background ambiance and the complete absence of NPCs, causing a disturbing sense of loneliness.

The map is made up of many features. Most notably, there is a large, flat, grassy area that the player spawns in, with an empty shack in it. This area is surrounded by tall buildings, three of which have apartments that the player can enter and one has a helipad. There are also several buildings that resemble buildings from the World Trade Center pre-9/11. There are 2 other areas in the map with large, flat spaces. Across from this area, there is an area filled with warehouses and other industrial-style buildings. In the corner of the map, there is a Northern Petrol plant surrounded by a body of waste that rapidly damages the player if entered. Adjacent to that is a Landfill. These 3 areas are divided by an open sewer, but are still accesible through bridges, most notably a freeway that runs from the grassy area to the plant.