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gm_mobenix_v3_final_mp_fixed is a map created by a german map editor Sportkeks is a very large map designed in mind to accomodate all types of Garry's Mod players. The map contains special areas devoted to players who like to pose ragdolls, build contraptions, race and finally role Play. There are many more rooms that suit you needs and wishes.

You spawn inside an elevator which leads to a lobby that has eight teleporters that take you to the maps special zones. Each teleporter comes with a number and a screenshot to represent where it leads, allowing players to remember which teleporter goes to which area. In the middle of the room there lies a large podium that allows players to start up a game of Tic Tac Toe.

The map contains Map features

-Train System with gnome driver

-Bowling Alley


-Racetrack with NPCs

-Construct Area

-Nice river

-Taxi System

-Tunnel editor


-Some secrets (◕‿◕)

Tracklist in the disco party1:Banana phone

2:Portal Still Alive

3:Portal The Device has been Modified

4:Loituma (Techno Remix)

5:Tetris (Trance remix)

6:Vlvx song24

7:Vlvx song22

8:Hl2 song31

9:Hl2 song29

10:MBX Techno

11:The D-Smiley Ball

The map it self is very popular in the Polish Garry's Mod community.