Gravity Gun
W gravity gun

Medium lifting tool, physics weapon

The Gravity Gun is a tool and a weapon, used by players for various reasons. It can pick up and throw objects, even those too large for the player to lift themselves. However, even with this useful trait, it is less used as a tool due to the physics gun being highly superior, since the physics gun can rotate and move objects while in use.

Weaponization Edit

The Gravity Gun's second function is a weapon. As stated before, the Gravity Gun can punt objects, making it more of a weapon than a tool. The Gravity gun will deal various amounts of damage, depending on the size and weight of the object.

Notes Edit

The Gravity Gun's name will change to "Zero Point Manipulator" if you have Half life 2 mounted to G-Mod. This rarely happens but can be easily fixed by unmounting Half-Life 2 and restarting G-Mod.