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Garry's Mod has several gamemodes that can alter the way it's played. While most gamemodes are typically for role play (RP) purposes, some gamemodes can encourage creative construction while others simply provide a simple deathmatch setting. This page provides a list and basic description of some of these gamemodes. 


These gamemodes encourage players to take on the role of a character within a certain setting. Some gamemodes are more serious than others, requiring players to role-play as a military grunt, or as an oppressed citizen, or even a character in a fictional universe. Others are less serious, with no fixed setting or character requirements.


DarkRP was created as a modification to the long-since abandoned LightRP, as an easier-to-modify alternative. Its active development has changed hands a number of times, but for the past couple of years it has been maintained primarily by Falco or FPtje as he is more commonly known by online. This gamemode is a non-serious role-play gamemode, where players often build large bases to protect themselves and various entities that can produce money. Players are often given the means to "raid" other players by breaking into their homes/bases and either stealing or destroying valuable entities. This gamemode features jobs (or roles) such as police, gangsters, citizens, and gun dealers (a kind of merchant), and is arguably the most popular gamemode of Garry's Mod to date.

School Shooter RP[]

Made by a deranged psychopath, You get to make some cool 'Pumped up Kicks' memes and kill all the kids and you also get to play as SWAT to take the shooters down.


PoliceRP was created as a modification to the light DarkRP gamemode, based more on the police (government) and criminals. This gamemode is either a non-serious or serious role-play gamemode, where players often build large bases to protect themselves and various entities that can produce money. The gamemode features police finding and taking down criminals. It contains jobs (or roles) such as police, gangsters, citizens, and gun dealers (a kind of merchant), and is arguably the most uprising gamemodes of Garry's Mod to date.


Military RP is a serious roleplay gamemode in which the player takes on the role of an enlisted military serviceman/woman. This kind of roleplay is very strict, requiring players to follow an extensive set of rules. Players will typically obey the orders of other players with a higher "rank" than them, emulating a military hierarchy.


Star Wars RP is a collection of different Star Wars themed Military RP gamemodes, usually set in various arcs of the Star Wars canon. They became popular in late 2015 when Star Wars Episode 7 came out in theatres. The most common arc for these kinds of gamemodes is the Clone Wars era, where players will take on the role of a clone fighting droids/sith/etc. Virtually identical to the Military RP gamemode, except Star Wars.


1942 RP is a WWII roleplay gamemode, in which players typically play in Nazi Germany as either a Nazi, a Resistance fighter, or a Citizen. With less of a focus on military hierarchy and ranks, and more of a focus on life during this period.

Clockwork: Half-Life 2 RP[]

Clockwork: Half-Life 2 RP or CW: HL2RP for short is a serious roleplay gamemode based on life for citizens in the Half-Life 2 storyline. Players create a character with a brief description of their "appearance" and simply roam the streets, attempting to survive under the combine rule. Players can be promoted to civil protection, and often are required to be brutal to citizens. Popular a few years back, this gamemode has seen better days. HL2RP uses the Clockwork base and is maintained by Cloud Sixteen and is a premium gamemode that must be purchased before hosting at


Jailbreak isn't as serious a roleplay gamemode as other such gamemodes like DarkRP or Military RP, however, it is still a form of roleplay. Players can either be a prisoner or can request to become a guard (usually there will be far fewer guards than prisoners, and a large queue will form to become a guard). This is round-based, and each round a warden is selected from guards that have elected to become a warden. The warden is then responsible for giving prisoners orders. The warden's task is to try and kill off the prisoners through various games or events, while the prisoners must attempt to kill all guards.

Pulsar Effect Role Play[]

Pulsar Effect Role Play or PERP for short is a serious roleplay gamemode that was popular around the time of Garry's Mod 12. Where other gamemodes encouraged players to stay by means of money and status symbols like cars and guns, PERP became popular through a level system, where some role play actions such as creating weapons or props would increase your level and give you perks to unlock. This gamemode was unforgiving to new players, as most players would have to wait at least a couple of hours before they could perform most actions. PERP was also infamous as the developers sold copies of their gamemode exclusively to a handful of communities and often threatened legal action against other communities that used their gamemode.


ZombieRP is another non-serious roleplay gamemode based off of DarkRP. In this, zombies are spawned around the map and players are encouraged to kill them for money. Essentially DarkRP during the zombie apocalypse.

Black Mesa RP[]

An RP gamemode that rapidly fluctuates in activity, Black Mesa Roleplay takes place before or around the events of Half-Life 1. Most servers allow you to play in multiple factions including the Science team, Security, Janitors or the HECU. It is infamous for having frequent drama caused by its own player base and management, followed by servers opening and closing down, then followed by long droughts.


The following gamemodes either don't fit into an existing category or have not been updated to the new format yet.

Call of Duty MWG - This is a recreation of Call Of Duty in Gmod, with many bits of all the COD games taken and mushed into one gamemode.

Extreme Football Throwdown - The only American football gamemode you'll ever want to play. Tackle other players, slam them against walls and ceilings, or just pummel them to death with your fists. Get the ball in the enemy goal area to score a touchdown. Comes with tons of wacky weapons and powerups.

Zworld Afterlife - Survival horror gamemode.

Cinema - Go to a virtual movie theatre and watch videos with other players. Sadly YouTube is no longer supported with Garry's Mod

Trouble In Terrorist Town - In this gamemode, everyone is a terrorist, and amongst them are one or more traitors. The terrorists (Innocents and Detectives) have to kill off all the traitors before they strike down all of them.

Prop Hunt - In this gamemode you join a team of either the Hunters or the Props.  As a Prop, players must hide or run throughout the map avoiding the Hunters, who are tasked with eliminating the opposition while carefully holding their fire, as shooting a real prop damages them.

Murder - A murderer is around. Like TTT, the players must stay alive and search for clues. The murderer must kill all of them off while trying to blend in and hiding the evidence. A gun is given to one of the people and is required to kill the Murderer, excluding environmental hazards.

Deathrun - In this gamemode, a group of players must run through a death course full of traps.  Runners must go through the traps to the end of the course as Death takes control of most, if not all, of the traps and attempt to stop them reaching the final point.

Breach - In this gamemode, you play as an SCP foundation personnel, Mobile Task Force soldier, or animate objects known as SCPs. Foundation staff are given the goal of escape via being escorted by a friendly faction, whether it be MTF or Chaos Insurgency. MTF must escort these Researchers, and eliminate threats. SCPs are tasked with escaping as well, by killing everybody or teaming up. Based on the game SCP: Containment Breach by Regalis.

Sledbuild - In this gamemode, you need to build the fastest sled you ever made and race with people. If you finish in first place, you win. 

Garry's Mod Stranded - In this Gamemode, you play as a survivor, stranded in a foreign environment, and you have to survive!  Build nice buildings, raid other tribes, drink water, and much more! Just be sure you don't run out of Health, Hunger, Thirst, and get too Fatigued.  [Based on the 2003 Unreal Software game Stranded]

Minigames - Exactly what you think.  In this gamemode, you and many other people choose between various mini-games to compete in.  These range from Climb to AWP, to Surf, to Obstacle Course, and more.

Melonbomber - In this game mode, you play a game in which is related to Bomberman, where you can blow up blocks, get power-ups, and attempt to become superior over the other players by defeating them.

The Stalker - In this gamemode, you play the Gmod version of Hidden Source, with some slight changes.  Play as Unit 17, and try to kill the Stalker with your balanced guns and equipment.  Or, play as the Stalker, and try to kill Unit 17 with your claws and Psychic abilities.

Hunger Games - In this gamemode, you play as a Tribute in the Hunger Games!  Play with your friends, or trust no one and kill everyone on sight!

Flood - In this gamemode, you build boats to escape the oncoming flood.  Once you've done so, you must then destroy other players' boats to earn money for more props and weapons the next round.

NS: Metro 2033 RP - This is a serious RP game mode. It normally follows similar rules to serious RP game modes like HL2RP but ultimately depends on the communities. People either can play alone, a metro dweller, or volunteer to the harsh reality of war by joining the Red Line or the 4th Reich. Mutants will lurk in the abandoned tunnels. This gamemode is based on players' own survival and life, creating their own stories and personalities.

F2S Stronghold - In this gamemode, you must fight off other players while also building a stronghold to defend yourself.  Kill players for money, and build advanced constructions to keep yourself safe.

Zombie Survival/Outbreak - Different names, same concept.  In this gamemode, you play as a Survivor or a Zombie in the oncoming apocolypse.  As a survivor, stock up on supplies and try to help you and your fellow survivors live through the night, or as a zombie, ruthlessly kill every survivor you see as a Headcrab, a Ghoul, or any other Zombies available.

MORBUS - A combination of The Thing and TTT. In this gamemode you have to survive in a science fiction environment while being hunted by Aliens.  As a survivor, you must gather guns and ammo and do all of your other daily activities, like eating and sleeping.  As an alien, you must spread the Alien Virus around to everyone else by killing them.

HaloRP - A mix between DarkRP and Halo, in this gamemode you roleplay with your friends in this Halo universe by being a citizen or fighting the UNSC or the Covenant, choosing your side and trying to shield off the Alien Invaders, attempting to destroy the human race or Rebel and free yourself from the UNSC government. TableFlipGamers were the first community to create this gamemode.

Zombie Escape - In this gamemode, you play as a survivor or zombie as you try to escape the area. As a Survivor, you have only your unlimited ammo carrying guns and your fellow Survivors with you to survive the oncoming Zombie Horde. As a Zombie, infect everyone by killing the Survivors before they escape.

Propkill - Players in this gamemode are subject to deathmatch by flinging props at each other, doing a variety of tactics to get the upper hand on each other.

Razborka! - Two teams of drunken Russians fight in 4 different sub-gamemodes, either killing the other team, stealing their vodka or finding the filthy vodka thief.

Freerun Combat - Two teams eliminate each other with throwing knives while parkouring.

MelonRacer - Players, as melons, race around the map often filled with obstacles and try to finish laps in 1st place.

Parkour - Climb buildings, perform wall runs, enjoy many awesome events like pvp, zombies, and much more all in this fantastic gamemode.

The Purge - An adaption of the movie "Purge" and "Purge Anarchy" in DarkRP form. A timer is implemented into the DarkRP gameplay to replicate the annual "Purge", to which a set amount of time is allowed to let people RDM and raid, which isn't normally allowed on regular DarkRP.

The Purge Round Based - This is a flood-based round based adaption of the movie "Purge" and "Purge Anarchy" that removes the RP fundamentals of the redundant PurgeRP and replaces them with non-stop building and purging.

Purge Round Based Revamped - A new, completely custom revamp of the original purge round based gamemode. It consists of building bases, raiding others, and committing crimes. This gamemode is not affiliated with older obsolete versions. Created by Electric Mango Studios in March of 2017.

Slave of GMod - A gamemode inspired by Dennation Game's "Hotline Miami" game series.

HarborRP - A gamemode similar to DarkRP but with islands.

Bunny Hop - A gamemode where you try to complete an obstacle course as fast as you can by bunny hopping.

Fallout Roleplay - A gamemode based on the Fallout Series, DarkRP-like, while set in a post-apocalyptic environment.

MethRP - A gamemode like DarkRP but you cook meth & get paid.

Hide and Seek - There is one seeker and the seeker tries to tag the hiders.

Pedobear Escape - In this gamemode, players have to run away from the Pedobears spawned without getting caught, the last player remaining wins the round. Only compatible with maps named pb_name.

Homicide - A Murder-esque gamemode where you play as either someone with a gun, silent-kill equipment, or nothing. The murderer in the gamemode, with the equipment, has to kill all other players before police arrives.

Resident Evil Gmod - A Co-op Zombie Survival game. You fight off waves of zombies and earn money to buy/upgrade guns to survive for longer.

HogwartsRP - In this gamemode, you are a student of magic. Spells, read books, etc...

BH: BlackMesa - Is a derivative of BlackHole Engine GameMode, which attempts to modernize the black mesa rp. Black Mesa RP has the player roleplay as one of the inhabitants of Black Mesa before the events of Half-Life. Only compatible with maps named bh_'name'.

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