Garry's Mod Wiki

M9K (also known as Murderthon 9000) is a weapon pack and weapon base created by INCONCEIVABLE!. The main pack consists of 4 addons, each adding different kinds of weapons, however M9K being a base, it also allows for the community to create addons using the penetration physics and system of M9K.

The guns uses Counter Strike: Source arms due to the guns being from GameBanana. (CS:S does not use C_Arms unlike what most GMod guns use.)

Default Packs[]

  • M9K Small Arms Pack
  • M9K Assault Rifles
  • M9K Heavy Weapons
  • M9K Specialties
  • Murderthon 9000 Administration (used for adjusting the M9K gun stats)

Use in servers[]

M9K is very common to see in servers due to the addons being lightweight and simple, making it almost a requirement in most servers. This has been changing recently, after newer weapon systems were developed in the recent years such as Artic's Customizable Weapons, TFA, and Customizable Weaponry 2 adding customization and realism to weapons, M9K has been in a slow decline from being used, however it is almost always going to stay in a few servers, even in some that have the newer, more advanced weapon addons installed.

Many servers block the use of some weapons or only enable it for admins, for example, the Minigun (from the M9K Heavy Weapons addon) is often blocked due to it's high rate of fire combined with the damage per bullet making it have a high damage per second output. Another example would be the Nerve gas (from the M9K Specialties addon), being blocked due to the fact that is spawns a cloud of damaging smoke that persists for a small duration.


M9K is known for being stable due to how simple it is, however the penetration system still has some bugs. If you place a block that is 2 blocks deep and put glass in front of it, you will be able to penetrate from the side that has glass, but not from the side without glass, essentially making a 1 way shoot-able surface.

The AN-94 behaves almost like a shotgun with very closed bullet spread when shot in semi-automatic mode, as it shoots multiple bullets in one shot (usually 2), making this weapon very powerful when used correctly.

Often, and mostly due to Garry's Mod hitreg, some shots will show blood and look like it hit, but not cause any damage.

If you reload and sprint and then aim down your gun after reloading, the gun aims to the side (Doesn't work with scopes, it is inconsistent)