Garry's Mod Wiki

A SP/MP Apocalyptic PVPVE Loot & Shoot Survival game mode.

As far as the plot goes, The combine have decided that instead of killing you and your rebel buddies the old fashioned way it would be better to just gas the area and hunt you down like a rat, have fun.


  • a poisoned surface where-in players are allotted a limited amount of time to search the surface for supplies and a way out before being forced to return underground due to a lack of oxygen.
  • Ammo scarce enough to force you to decide whether it's really worth the bullet tax to kill the single slow zombie in your path.
  • Rudimentary crafting system which if used properly can be used to create outposts on the surface to extend the lifespan of your comrades and allow for longer treks on the surface.
  • A world story quest which players may race to complete in order to escape the wasteland.

Available Maps:

  • Zaton
  • cityruins

Tips for server owners:

  • Do not run this gamemode P2P if possible, your framerate will dive (as with many gmod gamemodes) to a rate as low as 20fps even on powerful rigs.