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The Mayor is one of the more experience requiring characters to play on the gamemode "Dark RP", this character on most servers will have the likeness of Dr. Breen. The Mayor is in control of the whole city with the organization of the Civil Protection. (including other units such as S.W.A.T, Police Sniper, Secret Service etc.) As the Mayor you are the person who is in charge. The Mayor usually gets paid the most with a salary of $85.


  • Being the Mayor, you are not spawned with any weapons (other than your fists), nor are you allowed to own any (other than a one-handed firearm e.g. Pistols)
  • Instead of having weapons, you are recommended, and with common sense you'd stroll around the city with at least some sort of security.

Protection and ManagementEdit

  • As the Mayor, you are given the ability to accept or decline warrants from units (Civil Protection, S.W.A.T etc.) under your enforcement.
  • As the Mayor, you are to set up the laws of the city, finding this through "Money/Commands", laws are essential for the safety of citizens. Not only does it provide protection, but it would guide the protection forces (excluding Security Guard) into knowing how to act, and when to act. (For example; arrest on sight if caught with weapons out in public)
  • You can be a more sincere, local mayor who accepts opinions and votes to implement laws and such, otherwise, you can be a "Tyrant Mayor" and implement laws of your own without asking. However, this could anger your city, and perhaps prompt them into a protest/rebel. The protesters and rebels can get really angry and raid your mayor building.
  • Being Mayor also causes a greater risk of being kidnapped which would mean you should always have protection around you at all times, whether it be Police, SWAT or Secret Service


  • As the Mayor, your lifestyle is very mentally expanding, as everyday you'd have to oppose either possible threats or crimes towards your citizens, or even yourself.
  • Despite the hard work when on duty, at home, when casual you are found with much more executive, affluent housing and luxury. As a reward of every day's mentally harsh, and perhaps physical long hours as the Mayor you find peace at home, that is until you're kidnapped and held for ransom.


  • As the Mayor, you should speak very formally, even when found as a Tyrant/Corrupted. You're a head figure to the city and should at least be seen as a gentleman.

Lockdown Edit

  • Lockdown (/lockdown) Sounds the alarm and notifys the city of an emergency and to stay in their homes. /unlockdown to revoke the lockdown.
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