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The Melon Racer gamemode was a gamemode built for gmod 9 but is not in the most current version of the game (as of writing this).

the game mode is much like any other racer game, but the physics is wacky and of course you're a melon. You would race across various maps, including melon_castle, melon_eight, melon_race_10. I have found a workshop addon that has these 3 maps, and the gamemode (it is not the real one, just a remake).

Steam Trading Card[]

The image on the right depicts the trading card, the image above it depicts the full-size


image of the trading card. The trading card can still be obtained to this day, by randomly dropping while playing (only 5 cards drop while playing per game).


The flat face on Melon Racer's card is very likely a reference to "They Are Watermelons", a video series by Appox Box.