Garry's Mod Wiki

Zombie Survival, one of the most famous GMod multiplayer games

Modifications are mods for Garry´s Mod that were made via--multiplayer SDK or just in singleplayer, they can be easily made by voice acting and building things on a certain map.

Multiplayer Mods[]

Zombie Survival (zs)

Trouble in Terrorist Town (ttt)

Find the Ball (ftb)

Destructi0n (des)

Pedo Bear Escape (pb)

Operation Machinima (om)

Ghosthunt (gh)

Guess Who (GW)

Singleplayer Mods[]

Ghosthunt: The Prologue

Gm_ghosthunt is possibly the only cooperative Cooperative Game Mode

Assassinate Breen

Find Sasha

Help the Heavy

Garry´s Mod: Heavy´s Giant Quest (beta only)