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Murder is a horror gamemode created by Mechanical Mind. The game is based off a card game called Murder in the Dark.


The game begins with 1 murderer, 1 detective and bystanders. The bystanders are unarmed, however a gun (usually the Magnum) spawns with the detective, and the murderer spawns with a knife that he can throw and stab the other players with.

The bystanders and detective have to find out who the murderer is and can only win by killing the murderer. If the detective kills another bystander, he becomes blind and drops the gun. Only other bystanders can pick up the gun, however the detective can pick it up again once they are no longer blind.

The gun can also be acquired by other bystanders after finding enough clues scattered around the map. They can be recognized from normal props by a green outline.

The murderer has to murder everybody. The murderer has the ability to run, stab, and throw their knife, but must preferably not get caught in order to not get shot. The murderer also has the ability to see other player's footprints and can see the color associated to the player's shirt color. If the murderer has not killed anyone for a long time, they will be revealed by black smoke and must kill a player in order to stop emitting smoke.