Props are objects that a player can spawn using the spawn menu. There are two types of props :

  • The breakable ones which can be broken after taking a certain amount of damage from the player's weapons or by falling from a certain altitude.
  • The non-breakable ones which cannot be broken and can take an infinite amount of damage without ever breaking.

Props are generally used by players to build contraptions such as vehicles and buildings, and can also be used as weapons by players or for comic reasons.


Props are very easy to manipulate and can be manipulated with 3 tools:

While the physgun is the most appropriate tool to manipulate props, the gravity gun is used as a weapon by players (grabbing the prop with it and then throwing it at a target which can deal instant death.) The tool gun (hence the name tool) is a handheld device with various tools such as the Weld tool and Material Tool

Contraptions and VehiclesEdit

Both are the most common use for props in the Garry's Mod community. Various tools can be used to create these.

  • Generally a vehicle requires a prop, 2 wheels. The tools necessary are: The Wheel tool and the spawn menu.
  • A contraption can become of various props stuck together. The tools necessary are Weld tool and the spawn menu.

Comic UseEdit

It is another less common use than the uses mentioned thus far, although many communities about comic making exist, and more than 50,000 videos and images about Garry's Mod comics, images and machinimas can be found on the web. They mainly use props and ragdolls.

How-to spawn propsEdit

  • 1. Press your menu key (which is Q by default)

The spawn menu default

  • 2. Select any prop to spawn it.

Special PropsEdit

Some props have special abilities such as:


It is the only achievement in Garry's Mod that is exclusive to props. Props also can be deleted with the Remover tool to unlock this achievement.
Achievement Description
Achievement creator Creator Spawn 5000 props.
Achievement destroyer Destroyer Remove 5000 things.