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rp_downtown_v2 is a map that was commonly used in DarkRP servers. It was created by a mapper called ThePro, and is one of the most recognizable roleplay maps in Garry's Mod.

The map includes numerous hotel areas, a town square, warehouses, railroads, a sewer system, houses and storefronts.

In 2009, rp_downtown_v2 was confirmed to be the most popular roleplay map in Garry's Mod. Since then, there have been many iterations of this map that have been more popular with the newer DarkRP community. Even though this map is uncommon to find on a server, it still leaves it's legacy in the successor versions to the map, especially the town center and neighboring roads.


Some sources have stated that the creator of the map, ThePro, passed away in 2011[1][2] after an alleged suicide attempt. Ever since his death, several players have reported strange happenings whilst playing on the map - most notably when they were alone.

A majority of the reports are of ghosts or strange black figures in the corner of one's eye - normally encountered within the map's interiors or underground areas. Not only this, but others have reported sounds of people in distress around the map's hotels, doors opening and closing at random, footsteps, echoes in the railyard, and silhouetted people staring through windows or on rooftops.

While the rumours themselves have been proven as false, via the original map being decompiled, one can still feel that something is wrong on the map. Because of rp_downtown_v2's original reputation as a popular DarkRP map, many people have stated that they feel a sense of eerieness playing on the map by themselves, which stems from Kenopsia, a fear caused by seeing that is supposed to be bustling with people, now being abandoned or empty.