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Sanic Hegehog is a poorly drawn version of Sega's mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog. He was made March 31, 2010 by 0nyxheart in a video called "HOW 2 DRAW SANIC HEGEHOG" while a earrape version of Sonic's Green Hill Zone is being played.

In GMod[]

Sanic Hegehog was created by Xyxen that adds a Sanic nextbot to chase you down and kill you. He can run fast, jump high and break any props to kill you while a very loud guitar-sounding version of Green Hill Zone is playing. When he does kill you, a random voice line of Sonic plays. While not hunting you down, Sanic will wander through the map very fast, while finding a player.

April Fools[]

  • April 2020 had a 3.D model replacing the 2.D sprite of Sanic and can be still activated by using "npc_sanic_use_3d" 1 in the console commands
  • April 2022 made Sanic friendly and hug you instead of chasing you down and kill you and can still be activated by using "npc_sanic_friendly 1" in the console commands


  • The source code of the Sanic Nextbot is free to the public, making different versions of the Nextbot like a Weegee Nextbot.