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SoupCock PorkPie is a fictional Garry's Mod TF2 freak created by a Youtube user named UntouchedShadow


SoupCock resides inside a Scrumpy Bottle that seems to be able to transport itself to different places. When someone enters the general vicinity of the bottle, he will emerge, burping in an odd continuous matter and moving through flipping and spinning causing dismemberment. Whatever his intentions for 'gluing' are have not been confirmed, but an example of his work can be seen from when he forced a Heavy to the wall and began ripping him to shreds and saying "glue glue glue glue glue". He can apparently teleport as well by taking a swig from his Bottle, as seen in a few videos such as the Trio of Freaks series.

His theme appears to be the Luigi's Mansion theme. When it begins playing, it means that someone has entered the SoupCock Zone and will possibly be glued. The song so far doesn't seem to change when gluing someone.

As of yet, SoupCock PorkPie hasn't been on an adventure with certain freaks such as Ass Pancakes and Gentlespy. He seems to be the friendliest one of the bunch, but it's not yet confirmed.


SoupCock PorkPie has various odd abilities that are used when catching prey. Such powers include:

  • Moving around in a spinning or flipping manor, hovering slightly above the ground as he does. While SoupCock usually moves does this, he has been seen walking around normally as well.
  • Gluing victims to walls. Alive or dead.
  • Dismemberment.
  • The Stupidity Scream, which seems to stun/daze enemies into a state of stupidity for a short time.
  • The ability to summon cats and launch them out of his mouth at targets. The cats will catch themselves onto an opponents upper body and begin clawing away.
  • Teleportation.
  • The ability to pull a Grenade out and drop it to the floor, causing a wild explosion that can launch victims far away. Uncommonly used.
  • Resting in his Bottle home and flying around in it.


SoupCock can be knocked around quite a bit but he seems to have an immunity to pain or a high damage threshold, possibly from all the alcohol he consumes and the fact that he lives in a Bottle.

It's theorized that SoupCock's main weakness is not enough alcohol consumption...


SoupCock Porkpie Glues Someone


"I'm Soupcock Porkpie. I'm goin' ta' glue you!"





"If you were huntin' for glue, you found it!"

"Don't hide lad, i'm goin' ta' glue you!"