Garry's Mod Wiki

Star Wars Lightsabers is an addon created by Rubat that adds different lightsabers to the game. The lightsabers can be customized in different ways, such as length, color, hilt model, sound, and more. You can find it in the Robotboy655's Weapons tab.


There are currently 6 abilities with each of them doing a different thing by right clicking. Pressing keys 1-6 selects the different types of abilities.

Force Leap[]

Menu showing what Force Leap does.

Force Leap allows you to leap in any direction you are facing. It takes up 10% of your energy and holding CTRL negates your fall damage.

Force Absorb[]

Menu showing what Force Leap does.

Force Absorb allows you to tank up any damage without losing your HP. The more damage you take, the more energy is used.

Force Repulse[]

Menu showing what Force Repulse does.

Force Repulse allows you to charge up an attack and kill or push enemies away from you. The longer you hold right click, the more energy you use.

Force Heal[]

Menu showing what Force Heal does.

Force Heal allows you to heal 5 HP per second. With each HP you heal, 1% of your energy is used.

Force Combust[]

Menu showing what Force Combust does.

Force Combust allows you to set your selected target on fire for 2 seconds. Repeatedly using it takes up 10% of your energy each time.

Force Lightning[]

Menu showing what Force Lightning does.

Force Lightning allows you to electrocute multiple targets you choose. The more targets you use it on, the more energy it takes.