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TFA base is a weapon base made by TFA in 2015 to bring realism to guns. Like CW 2.0, it contains a attachment system with suppressors, sights, ext. Most guns that use this gun base come from the game Insurgency. TFA Base is used in some servers but is overshadowed by M9K which is a more simplistic gun base without any attachments or complex stats.


TFA guns have many stats that affect the guns.


This changes how well the bullets go onto the crosshair. Lower number means the better.

Hipfire Accuracy[]

This changes how well the bullets go onto the crosshair without ADS. Lower number means the better.


This changes how fast the gun fires. Bigger number means the faster it fires, semi-automatics and pump action guns are not really affected by it.


This changes how heavy the gun is and how fast you can run/walk. The higher the percentage, the faster you can go.


Really self explanatory. Shotguns calculate the damage by each pellet.


This changes how high the recoil is. The lower the percentage, the lower the recoil is.

Damage Drop Off[]

The farther the bullet goes, the less damage it does. Does not affect snipers a lot.