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I am just a simple Gmoder interested in learning about the Gmod community, and how to better my own Gmod experience. I am a fighter, not a movie maker, but I make a good actor and I'm pretty sure my voice acting is pretty good. I wouldn't know, I have no experience. But I am willing to give it a shot with my all. I am 16, male, and I am looking for some fun. (Note: Not "dirty" fun. Like actual fun ya pervs.) I am dating a gir currently so no asking me. I have no GMod OC's and I wish to develop some. I need help though. Please don't edit my profile you jerks. Any edits WILL be changed and I WILL find out who wrote it and report them. Thank you. With the light from my soul and the innocence I have, 18:50, February 28, 2012 (UTC)

Personality Test Results[]

Congratulations! Here are your results:

You're a Bright Spark []

You love to be surprised and inspired, when you're feeling creative your imagination comes to life in 3D. You're not content with accepting things as they are, it's in your nature to question how things work.

Your inquisitive mind means you have an irresistible urge to experiment with everything around you. You're a real get-up-and-go kind of person who likes to keep at least one finger on the pulse of everything that's hot and happening from the latest movies and sport to the coolest technologies and gadgets. A true entertainment junkie, there's no chance of you ever getting bored and you're always the first to get your hands on some shiny new device that's going to revolutionize your life. You have a realistic outlook on what you can achieve and enjoy attention to detail in most aspects of your life.

Fighting armies, dragons and gangsters is an everyday pass time for you, although taking them all on at the same time could prove challenging! Your skills take escapism to another level and satisfaction isn't complete until you can see your name on the leaderboard.

You're open to new experiences and love exploring the world under your own steam. What better way to spend a holiday than heading out into the country and getting back to nature? After all, there's nothing like being out in the fresh air and under an open sky to blow out the cobwebs and leave you feeling reinvigorated. Sometimes a little space and distance from the everyday grind is the best medicine of all!

To sum it up in a few words, you are definitely someone who likes to be challenged by thought provoking subjects. You feel it's important to stay on top of world events and to find out all the facts before forming your own opinion.


  • I have oceanic blue eyes (Deep blue with a hint of green) that are actually pretty warm giving...I assume since I can be a rather nice person. I like to use the same color in my characters.
  • I have OCs...just not GMod OCs.

My favorite pages[]

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